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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our "How to" #ThrowbackThursday!! Ripped Jeans Edition!!

 Ripped jeans will never go out of style! Having at least one pair in your wardrobe will give it the edge it needs. Ripped jeans can easily turn you from looking basic into a bada**!!!

For #ThrowbackThursday let's take it back to one of our 1st how to's, where we showed you guys how to make your own custom-made ripped jeans!!! :D

It's so simple and easy, that you may never buy another pair of ripped jeans from the store again!!

Oh gosh! Look at how young Derris Montgomery looks!Now that's a throwback! haha

Click on the link below to check out the full article on how to make your own ripped jeans!!

If you liked this article, check out how to dress like a ROCKSTAR!! Click on the link below!!!! :D

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Love ya :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Introducing: The Turn up Survival Kit

***Caution/WARNING: This post is for those who aren't afraid/know how to read... if you don't well... damn, that's just sad***

DOUBLE WARNING-This product has been banned in 6 continents, but through a one time offer has become available for purchase online.

For #turnuptuesday we have something special for all the thots, ratchets and general turnup population!

The Turnup Survival Kit!
Just because you turn up, doesn't mean you gotta look tore up!

A product of Thotgear inc.

What the kit provides:

#1 Scrunchie

For when you hair goes from looking like this...

...To this 

#2 Cute flats

Preferably TOMS (or FOMS/Fake TOMS) or Vans. They slip on easy, perfect for those who can barely stand upright, even better for those already unconscious!

#3 Shades

As dark as possible, to hide the red eyes and unfocused gaze

Go from this:
To this: 

... Even if you're actually sleeping 

#4 A mans plaid shirt: 

(For the ladies) to wrap around your waist because you've surely exposed your ass to the world at large in your sausage dress by now. (For the fellas) as an extra shirt, because you've no doubt lost it somewhere in the pursuit of sex. And cuz you probably sweated out your last shirt.

#5 Backpack

To hold it all inside, cuz a clutch will just get lost and you know it, and there aren't enough baggy pockets in the world!

If that doesn't convince you, check out this testimonial from a *real life customer!

"I used to be a serious Thot, and everybody knew it, until I got the Turnup Survival Kit! Now I'm still a Thot, but the only one who knows it is me... And my baby daddies :)"

*This is not from a real customer

There ya have it folks, don't be this chick next time you feel like turning up! 

Order NOW! 

5 easy payments of $99.99 (if you think that's too high, think about the price of getting your lock recored, replacing keys and IDs, canceling bank cards, and the unrelenting humiliation of being "that stank bitch")
Now accepting lay-away plans and food stamps!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Denim Jumper Takeover? (#ModelMonday)

Wow ya'll, it really is that time again. This shit is really crazy how time flies, my goodness!


We've all witnessed style reintroductions- bell bottoms, Afros, high waisted anything, but the denim jumper has really taken over the style racks. Like bell bottoms, they've finally gotten it right! 

Don't believe us, check it out for yourself :)

IG: Heartoffashion01
IG: nvubtq

IG: Kingdom_classy
IG: Poorlittlehousewife

Let's take a moment for a really f-ing cute moment!

IG: Bellafacebaby

And we're back!

IG: Cris_cavallari

IG: Mishalmk

And finally what I think is the cutest little modification to the denim jumper...

The jump-skirt!

IG: Jennifer.ll
Isn't it just the cutest thing?! 

Bonus round!!! 

IG: Style_by_leah
Now this isn't a jumper but it really tricked the shit out of me while scrolling on Instagram, so I just had to include it!

Let us know what you think of this reinterpretation of 90s style in the comments below! I know you have your two cents to put in, and our broke asses can take all the money we can get!

Next weeks ModelMonday theme (drum roll please): Baseball inspired! Yup, we've noticed those sexy baseball T's and we're looking to feature you next week!

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Love ya :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta and New York are one of the best reality television shows on right now!
But aside from all the drama, which we love, these ladies of hip-hop know how to dress their a** off!!
However, we can't decide which show has better style!
So we're going to let you decide!! :D

We complied a list of the 6 most stylish women from Atl and Ny!

So let's get started!!

Erica Mena(NY)
Style: Sassy and Sexy.

Joseline Hernandez(ATL)
Style: Seductive and Rihanna-esque.

Tara Wallace(NY)
Style: Classy with a hint of sexy.

Style:90s with a modern twist.

Style: That New York swag.

Ariane Davis(ATL)
Style: Sophisticated but flirty.

Let us know your decision in the comment section below!!!
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Have a wonderful Sunday evening!! 
Love ya! :D

Friday, July 18, 2014

3 Simple Questions to BOOST your CONFIDENCE... and SEX APPEAL

Yay, our very first How-to Friday!

Sooo, wanna know how to boost your confidence and your SEX appeal (mainly the sex appeal, right?) Keep reading!!!

1. What's your favorite color?
Remember those corny ass first grade "get to know yourself" questions? Yeah, we tried forgetting them too-but, some of them should be brought back from the dark recesses of your mind because they serve as vital keys along your journey to Mordor-I mean style and confidence (hold up, awesome idea though! We're totally doing a Lord of the Rings photo shoot!)
Why this works: Think about it, the key to confidence is to feel great about yourself. If you know your favorite color, then you'll know what color you love wearing, and when you love what you're wearing it oozes from your pores (not literally, that would be disgusting) but people can sense that, and they're drawn to it. See where our minds are going... eh?
Tip: Don't just limit this to color, find your other favorites: shirts, shoes, styles, hair cuts, and you'll find be one step closer to not only looking better and feeling better, but getting noticed ;) (You know what I mean!)

What's our favorite color?
Portia d. :Turquoise 
Yvonne Dion: Pink and cream (it's totally legal to like color combos!)
Clarice: Every color all together
Lizbeth: Cheetah (wait-that's not a color...meh, we're flexible on the whole "color" thing)
Derris: Red. For now
Wow, I feel closer to you, don't you feel closer?!

2. Why do you get dressed?
Another one of those questions even more basic than the first that I bet you've never really thought about. People have tons of reasons and excuses for why they get dressed, but what's yours? To impress, for comfort, to feel sexy, because you have to... ('cause there's tons of nudist colonies out there for ya! Don't wear clothes if you don't want to!)
Why this even matters, homie: I feel like this is the most obvious connector between style, confidence and sex, but if I really must point it out--your exterior is everything, therefore if you don't even know why you're decorating it, you'll never attract the right audience. Your Netflix-binge-watching sweats DO NOT say, "You, walking down the street, want to fuck me?" They. Just. Don't. 
And when you feel more confident about the purpose of your wardrobe, you'll feel more confident that you'll get it. Ah, see what we did there???
Tip: So next time you're picking up that wrinkled pea green Ninja Turtles T-shirt that's 3 sizes too big, think to yourself: Why am I wearing this... as that voice inside your head whispers (and will it help me get laid?)

3. What is your style?
Every style has a person attached to it, right? Are you indie, rock, classy, hip hop...? That's kinda important. Your style doesn't have to fall under one category. You take elements from different ones to create a style that is unique to you!


What does that have to do with confidence?
Your style says a lot about you and the person you will attract. Once you discover and own your style, your confidence will shine through! People admire and respect others who are not afraid of being different, and being different helps you stand apart from the crowd. Sooo, maybe he/she might notice you from all the way across the dance floor because of your killer style, but clothes may not be the topic by the end of the night! ;)

Tip: When developing your style, think "does this make me look sexy?" Sexy doesn't necessarily mean slutty or too forward, but think about what showing off your best assets!

Remember to have fun with that is. It's all about being who you are!

And as always
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Love ya!! <3 <3